Still have a question? Don't hesitate to shoot me an email! :) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel?

-  Oh definitely! I travel for over half of my weddings, and have a whole web page dedicated to travel dates. However, I do only take a certain number of travel weddings per year, and dates book out fast. Please reach out sooner rather than later! :) 

What are your travel rates/policies?

- All of the prices listed in the wedding packages already include my travel fees and expenses. Email me for a detailed guide of my packages for more info.

What's in your camera bag?

- Go-to combo: Nikon D850 & 35mm

- Backups: Nikon D610 & 50mm, 24-70mm zoom

- Lighting (for dark receptions): soft LED OCL and B700 Speedlight

Do you do family sessions?

- I used to, but not anymore :) The one time that I do family sessions is during the fall for mini sessions.

Do you do maternity sessions?

- No, just couples and weddings.

Do you do paid portrait / model sessions?

- Nope, just couples and weddings.


What is the turn-around time for photos?

- 3 weeks for engagements, couples, or bridal sessions. 6 weeks for elopements. 8 weeks for weddings.

- I do offer rush turnaround! The delivery time will be cut in half. 

      - $200 for engagements, couples, and bridal sessions

      - $300 for elopements

      - $350-$550 for weddings (depending on coverage)

How do you deliver your photos?

- Through a gorgeous online gallery that allows you to download the photos to any device.

How many photos will I get from my session?

- 100+ for bridals, engagements, or couples sessions

- 75+ per hour for weddings and elopements.

Do you have a second shooter?

- No, but second shooter coverage can be added to any wedding package.

Do you do mentor sessions?

- Yes! Check out the mentorship tab.

Do you sell your presets?

- No, sorry! I'd check out Anni Graham's or Dawn Charles'!

Do you give clients physical albums/photo books after the wedding?

- No, but I do have a designer who I've worked with a lot who I can refer you to for a custom album :) I don't offer albums because I have found that clients usually want to design and customize their own after receiving their wedding gallery from me.

Do you deliver the RAW photos?

- A RAW photo is a photo taken straight from the camera and put onto the computer. No editing, no retouching, nothing. These images are HUGE, btw. Like 50-60 MB a piece. Uploading and sending these sizes of photos would take foreverrrr. Plus, I spend hours and hours editing each photo to make your gallery look perfect for you :) These edited photos are sent at a manageable size of 4-8 MB, plenty big for any printing needs. So long story short, no, I do not send RAW photos.