Let's get down to business

Over the past couple of years I have invested so much time and effort into my photography business. Literally over $3000 in photography education. Mentorships for myself, workshops, marketing tools, etc etc. And lemme tell ya, it has been SO worth it. I think back to when I was first starting out - it was honestly terrifying. How much should I charge? How do I keep track of clients and bookings? How do I even GET people to book me!? What about posing? Traveling? Editing workflow? TAXES? It can be soooo overwhelming! But that's where I want to help!


I want to share what I know and what I have been through to help your business take off and/or get to where you want it to be. I definitely don't know everything and I am still learning every single day! But I've been in this industry for over 5 years now (plus my college degree is in education ;) ) so I have a good idea of how to help you get to where you want to be. I want to help you become the photographer and business owner you want to be. Seriously, learning and growing in this industry is so so key. So lets do this! Lets learn a lot, grow a lil closer, and make some memories together :)

Phone Call/Skype Mentor Session: $200

- 1.5 Hour Q&A: Let's talk about everything and anything you want to learn about. Posing, traveling, marketing, social media strategies, business workflow; anything. Come with questions written down and ready!

Wedding Day Tag Along Session: $300

- Full Wedding Day: Come shadow me at my next wedding and see how I handle the entire day, start to finish. Watch how I capture the important moments, direct large groups of people, and so much more. You can totally bring your camera, but remember that this is more of an opportunity for you to watch and learn different wedding day techniques rather than build your portfolio. Feel free to ask questions all along the way about the wedding day and how I work! However, with it being a busy wedding day, there will be no time for a normal Q&A session, like the ones you see in mentor sessions. Wedding days range from 4 hours to 8+ hours long, and you can stay for as much of the day as you'd like.

5 Hour Shoot & Edit Mentor Session: $800

- 2 Hour Photoshoot: We'll work with an awesome couple and create some freaking love-filled magic in an incredible location! We'll talk about/work on creating emotion, helping clients loosen up, how to direct/pose clients, as well as camera settings/lighting. You'll see how I work behind the camera, and then take the reins on your own and make some 10/10 memories.

- 3 Hour Edit + Q&A: After the session we'll head back to sit down and spend some time on your editing workflow. We'll focusing on getting the most out of your editing and your presets, as well as creating a post-production workflow that works for you! All along the way we'll have an open q&a, where nothing is off the table and we can talk about anything and everything you need - marketing, bookkeeping, booking clients, client emails, contracts, etc etc etc. The great thing about this part of the session is that we can focus on the editing or the q&a as much as you want. Ive had some photogs who want to focus completely on editing for this part, and others who just have a huge notepad of questions. Both are totally fine!

With mentorships, you really get out of it what you put into it. If you come with an open mind and heart, you are going to learn more than you could ever expect. Come with written questions, concerns, ideas, etc, about EVERYTHING. If you just come and and expect me to open my photography book of wonders and read to you my whole business experience, you're not going to learn and grow at all. Think about where you want your business to go, where youre struggling, and what kind of photographer you want to be! Like I said before, I dont know everything there is to know about this industry because Im learning and growing everyday too, but I am 110% ready to help your business take off and create an incredible experience for you.

Current Workshops

Devoted Workshop:

- Portland // May 2020 // SOLD OUT

- Winter 2020 // TBA


Katie Griff Photo Winter One-Day Workshops:

Salt Lake City // Jan 18th // SOLD OUT

Salt Lake City // Jan 23rd //4 seats left